Jenny & Jo

Anglesey has many beautiful venues for a wedding, so it was no surprise that Jenny and Jo chose picturesque Trearddur Bay for their wedding.
It wasn’t the sunniest of days, but it stayed dry and the beaming brides and their guests more than made up for the lack of sunshine.
After an emotional ceremony, the brides and their guests made their way to the edge of the beach for some photos and then we escaped with just the brides over to Porth Dafarch for some quieter photos on the headland.
This wonderful couple never stopped smiling at each other and it was so touching to see what an amazing bond they have with each other and their families, and so much love all around!
This couple went the extra mile to surprise each other throughout their day with thoughtful touches here and there, and an amazing choreographed dance with their children to kick start the evening!
We really enjoyed photographing this fantastic couple, Jenny and Jo we wish you nothing but love and happiness for your lives together. Thank you for a wonderful day!



Richard & Carolyn

We have never heard so many guests at a Wedding comment on what a perfect day it was as we did at Richard and Carolyn’s wedding yesterday, and they weren’t wrong. The setting at Nant Gwrtheyrn couldn’t have been more beautiful and with still, warm weather we really couldn’t have asked for more.
Karen Moore of KLM Hair in Valley, and Charlotte Parry-Jones made Carolyn look every inch the beautiful bride, whilst I Do Wedding Hire made the reception room look amazing. Richard and his Best Man and Ushers all looked very handsome and the guests looked stunning. The flowers by Karen Jones and cake by Joanne Ellis were just the most amazing finishing details.

It’s hard to build a picture of this wedding in just a short blog piece, I don’t think any words would do it justice, but if we can just shamelessly take a note from the Best Man’s speech here and sum it up in three words, these would be the ones we would use….

Happily Ever After. 🙂

img001 img002 img003 img004 img006 img007 img008 img009 img010 img011

We normally let the photographs speak for themselves on these blogs, however this next image just needs a little explanation. Richard and Carolyn were brave enough to want to try this shot before their ceremony. Without wanting to break tradition and see each other, they put their trust in us 100% to get them each to this spot unseen so that they could have a quick holding of hands around the corner of the wall. It clearly meant a lot to them both to do this, as we noticed from the ‘white knuckle’ grip they had on each other. Just a truly beautiful moment, and we commend them on their willpower for not peeping at all! 🙂img012 img013 img014 img015 img016 img017 img018 img019 img020 img021

Menai Bridge

Just before Christmas we met 2 lovely families when they contacted us for a shoot down at one of our favourite locations, right by the Menai Bridge. It wasn’t the best day, dull, damp and overcast, and everyone was full of cold, but both Sioned and Llinos’s families were still in good spirits and it was a real pleasure to photograph them all.
We’re really glad you all liked the shots, was great to meet you all, your great spirits on a cold day really helped to make our job easy 🙂


I love a rough windy day, so I headed over to Cemaes Bay today at high tide to get some shots, however it was too rough today even for me. It was cold, with a strong wind blowing straight in off the sea. which is the worst for seascape shots as you have to wipe the spray off the lens in between each shot.  I always say, when I go out with the camera, if I don’t get at least wet feet, then I won’t get a decent shot, but I admitted defeat today when I got seawater up my nose! I’m stubborn when it comes to braving the elements but once I couldn’t feel my feet any more I knew it was time to call it a day 🙂


Something a little different…

Every now and then its good to take a break from what you have become accustomed to, and try something completely different. This type of photography couldn’t be further away from the portrait shots we normally post on here, but brings an entirely fascinating view of what can been seen when pushing the limits.

Each one of the following images has no photoshop trickery, no manipulation, is just what the camera captured in 1/20,000th of a second. Cameras can’t shoot fast enough to capture a moment that fleeting, so each image is photographed in darkness, using a high speed burst of light to freeze the movement. These images show what happens when water is dripped into a tray of still water, and 2 droplets collide and burst into the most beautiful and amazing patterns.

Adding some colour to the water can alter how it behaves a little, and adds some interest.

Different liquids have different densities and will behave in different ways when colliding with each other. If milk is dripped into water the patterns change. Drip milk into milk and they change again.

Adding some colourful backgrounds and experimenting with lighting adds another dimension again.

Place an image behind the droplets, and that image will be refracted into the droplet.

And finally, though its easy to see that no two shots will ever turn out the same, though the beauty and fun of this type of photography is the unexpected, sometimes the most bizarre shapes can appear that can never be recreated!

'Alien Queen'

Waves & Mist

Last weekend the winds were very strong, and when the tide was almost at its highest point I went down to Bull Bay to watch the waves. Whilst there I spotted this boat, and whilst watching it being buffetted about by the wind and waves, a gentleman joined me and we chatted a little about the fate of the boat and whether it would survive the rough seas. (he imparted some interesting information too, which unfortunately I couldn’t possibly share here!) Well we watched the boat for a good 20 minutes but eventually the wind died down, the tide slowly dropped and the boat was safe 🙂

In complete contrast, this weekend was beautiful. Warm, dry and still. And after Sunday’s warmth and clear night, there was plenty of low-lying mist this morning sitting in the dips in the land. Here’s a few shots 🙂

Just for fun…

My dog Jake and I took a quick trip to the beach this evening, me for some windy weather photos, and Jake, well, just to get wet I think. Like most dogs he loves the sea and makes it his goal to get as wet as possible just before we leave for maximum car-seat soaking impact. Mission accomplished Jake! 🙂

Pure bouncing joy 🙂


Just for sheer comic expression 🙂