Baby Albie came for a baby shoot today. Just 10 days old and so handsome. For such a young man he was very alert, very strong but also very well behaved. He posed beautifully for us 🙂 We had a lovely morning photographing him and his very patient Mum and Dad.
Thank you for a lovely morning Betsan, Adam and Albie. See you soon xx


Here’s a beautiful little girl to brighten your day. Poppy is exactly one month old today and we had a lovely morning photographing her. She was very chilled, and very alert, this little girl is going to be very intelligent as she grows up.
Thank you all for a lovely morning 🙂 x


  We had a fab morning with Esmae-Rose and big sister Lili-Grace today. Lili is a pro at posing having already had a couple of photo-sessions with us and it was great to see her back with the newest addition to the family, Esmae-Rose.
What a gorgeous pair of sisters.
Lili is so gentle and loving with Esme, we know she will make a fantastic big sister.
Lovely to see you all again, thanks for a lovely morning xx


This gorgeous boy is Blake, 8 days old. Blake is the little brother of Phoebe, who we had the pleasure of photographing through her first year of life. Now we are lucky enough to be able to do the same with Blake 🙂
Gorgeous Blake is already becoming very alert, we had a good morning photographing him along with fab sister Phoebe, who clearly loves him to bits. We can’t wait for their next shoot in a few months’ time 🙂

IMG_8955 IMG_9087IMG_8990


Gorgeous Ava is 5 weeks old and very alert and intelligent. She was so good for us, totally chilled out and happy to pose for us. We had a lovely morning photographing her. Lovely to see you all again, Iola and Caitlyn, hope you like the photos x

im012  im018im005


This is Nyfain, such an unusual and gorgeous name, very fitting for this beautiful girl. She was amazingly good for us as we moved her, and hardly made a sound. Cynan and Lliwen, her big brother and sister posed for us too and were so well behaved. It was a real pleasure to photograph the whole family.
Many thanks to you all for an fantastic shoot! See you soon x

IMG_0703IMG_0700 IMG_0711 IMG_0732


We met the adorable Caio this afternoon. Just 2 weeks old and already capturing hearts. With a head full of dark hair and huge eyes he was so gorgeous, and he posed like a pro with no fuss. We really enjoyed photographing this beautiful family. Thank you! x

IMG_0544 IMG_0577bw IMG_0609


This gorgeously cheeky boy was awake and alert for a lot of this morning’s shoot but that didn’t stop us photographing him. 7 week old Cian was chilled and relaxed whilst awake but he did fall asleep for a little while so we got plenty of photos 🙂
Thanks for a lovely morning Hannah, Ricky & Louise, it was a pleasure to meet you all x



Another busy weekend, this time filled with families and babies 🙂 This gorgeous girl is two-week old Lili-Grace. With a head full of hair and such beautiful features she was a pleasure to photograph and slept really well for us to take plenty of photos 🙂 Thanks for a lovely afternoon Lili-Grace & family, see you very soon x


Lilly Grace

Our second shoot today was with Miss Lilly Grace. She kept everyone waiting a little while for her arrival, but she finally arrived on Monday and here she is, total perfection and so worth the wait. She was an amazing little model for us today, sleepy and gorgeous 🙂
Thanks for a lovely afternoon Rhea and Rhys, lovely to meet you all x