We photographed Cathryn and Paul’s Wedding in 2013, part of an amazing double Wedding with Cathryn’s sister Bethan and her groom Andy.
The beautiful Grace is Cathryn and Paul’s second child, we photographed older brother Ben in 2015 for his birthday cake bash. Grace was just as much fun to photograph as Ben was, and she was so full of smiles the whole way through and really enjoyed making a mess. Was so nice to see you all again, thanks for a fab shoot! x


We had a lovely morning with this gorgeous girl. Lilly is 8 months old, full of smiles and character and totally adorable. She has a beautiful smile and an infectious giggle, we were sorry to see her leave!
Thanks for a fun morning, Kim, Liam and Lilly, see you soon 🙂

img_8823 img_8847 img_8884


We had a great morning with Neli and her family today. Neli has the most amazing eyes that really stand out in a photograph. She’s a little stunner. Uncle Joe was a great help and very interested in our camera gear, we think he may be a future photographer to watch!
Thank you for a fab morning, Donna, Amy, Joe and Neli. See you soon x

img_1485 img_1535 img_1583 img_1660


Madison, gorgeous name, gorgeous baby, is just 6 months old and what an adorable little girl she is. We had a lovely afternoon photographing her, and she was very patient with us moving her around and having lots of outfit changes. Being a supermodel isn’t easy! We can’t wait to see her again for her cake bash when she turns 1 year old 🙂
Thanks for a fab afternoon guys, see you very soon x

IMG_6577 IMG_9343IMG_6623



It was full-on cuteness this morning as Amelia took centre stage for her first birthday cake bash, and she was the perfect model. Lots of smiles and lots of personality shone from this gorgeous little girl and we had a great time photographing her. Cake bash shoots are one of our favourite things to do and we love to see children demolishing the cakes and making plenty of mess everywhere!
Thanks for a fab morning Katrina, Dave and Amelia, see you very soon 🙂

IMG_9200IMG_9229 IMG_9241 IMG_9267IMG_9134


Gorgeous Ava is 5 weeks old and very alert and intelligent. She was so good for us, totally chilled out and happy to pose for us. We had a lovely morning photographing her. Lovely to see you all again, Iola and Caitlyn, hope you like the photos x

im012  im018im005


This is Nyfain, such an unusual and gorgeous name, very fitting for this beautiful girl. She was amazingly good for us as we moved her, and hardly made a sound. Cynan and Lliwen, her big brother and sister posed for us too and were so well behaved. It was a real pleasure to photograph the whole family.
Many thanks to you all for an fantastic shoot! See you soon x

IMG_0703IMG_0700 IMG_0711 IMG_0732


Another fab cake bash session we had this week was with the beautiful Elsi. We first met Elsi a year ago when she was just a few days old. Now here she is, 1 year old and absolutely gorgeous. She was full of smiles and such a pleasure to photograph along with big sister Alaw. Thanks for a lovely messy morning Elsi and family 🙂 xx

IMG_8816 IMG_8878

Nancy May

We had great fun with these two again today. Nancy May is now 6 months old and she’s a proper little beauty, and Conor is proving to be an amazing big brother. Thanks for a fun afternoon Nerys, Conor and Nancy. Hope you like the photos 🙂

IMG_9598 IMG_9662 IMG_9682



Another busy weekend, this time filled with families and babies 🙂 This gorgeous girl is two-week old Lili-Grace. With a head full of hair and such beautiful features she was a pleasure to photograph and slept really well for us to take plenty of photos 🙂 Thanks for a lovely afternoon Lili-Grace & family, see you very soon x