Kerri & Gwyn

Hard to believe that of all the days of the week the weather would choose to smile on us, we would get lucky enough for it to be Kerri & Gwyn’s Wedding Day on Saturday.
After a week of dull, cloudy, rainy and cold weather, we were blessed
with blue skies and warm sun.
The atmosphere in Kerri’s house on the morning of her Wedding was so relaxed, she never stopped smiling and laughing, it was clear to see that she could not wait to marry Gwyn, and once she was in her dress the smile got even wider!
The whole day went without a hitch, Gwyn found his shoes (eventually), the classic cars all ran beautifully,  the sun shone and the guests all looked fantastic.
It was a real pleasure to be part of your day Kerri & Gwyn, thank you.
Hope you like the photographs x

Kerri&Gwyn01 Kerri&Gwyn02 Kerri&Gwyn03 Kerri&Gwyn04 Kerri&Gwyn05 Kerri&Gwyn06 Kerri&Gwyn07 Kerri&Gwyn08 Kerri&Gwyn09 Kerri&Gwyn10 Kerri&Gwyn11 Kerri&Gwyn12 Kerri&Gwyn13 Kerri&Gwyn14 Kerri&Gwyn15 Kerri&Gwyn16 Kerri&Gwyn17 Kerri&Gwyn18 Kerri&Gwyn19 Kerri&Gwyn20Kerri&Gwyn22

Bethan, Andy, Cathryn & Paul

Two couples, one wedding! A double wedding these days isn’t all that common so we were delighted when Bethan, Andy, Cathryn and Paul asked us to be their photographers for the day.
With rain forecast all day we prepared for the worst, but got really lucky when the sun popped out just in time for the two sisters’ arrival at the church in Llanddona. It even stayed dry long enough for us to have a few minutes on beautiful Llanddona beach with the two happy couples. After that the rain set back in for the evening but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and the rest of the evening was a huge success with a barbeque at the Meifod Country House in Caernarfon and bouncy castles for the children and the adults!

It’s fair to say that we expected this day to be harder work than a normal wedding, but we enjoyed it so much, everyone was so fantastic, easy going and looked amazing that the day flew past easily.
Bethan, Andy, CAthryn, Paul, it was a real pleasure to photograph you and all your guests. Thank you so much for making us so welcome in your homes and in your wedding. Hope the photos show what a wonderful day it was xx

pensans_photography_01pensans_photography_02 pensans_photography_03 pensans_photography_04 pensans_photography_05 pensans_photography_06 pensans_photography_07 pensans_photography_09 pensans_photography_10 pensans_photography_11 pensans_photography_12 pensans_photography_13 pensans_photography_14 pensans_photography_15 pensans_photography_16 pensans_photography_17 pensans_photography_18 pensans_photography_19 pensans_photography_20