Added Value Packages!

We have introduced 2 new packages designed to save you money and incorporate everything you could want from your session. Aimed at our 2 most popular types of session – ย Newborn and Cake Bash, these all inclusive packages give you great value for money ๐Ÿ™‚

Newborn Package ยฃ300

This package includes the session fee (session details here), a high resolution cd of all the images (no limit!) that you can print from, 1 A4 and 1 A3 size print of your choice and a glossy 24 page, 21 x 28cm hardbacked book with all your images and a photo cover designed to your taste. This package saves you a minimum of ยฃ50!

Cake Bash Package ยฃ250

This package is even better value for money! The price includes your session fee (session details here), a high resolution cd of all your images (again no limit!) that you can print from, an A3 size collage print designed to your specifications and a glossy 24 page, 21 x 28cm hardbacked book including the images of your choice and a photo cover of your choosing. This package saves you a whopping ยฃ100 at least!

See here for a full list of prices, products and offers ๐Ÿ™‚

Easter Promotion, 25% off!

Spring definitely arrived this week with a few days of gorgeous sunshine and warm weather, so to celebrate the arrival of all things fresh and new we are offering a great deal on our Newborn Sessions.
Book your session before midnight on Easter Monday (9th April 2012) and we will give you a hugeย 25% offย the session fee.

Seeย hereย for more details about baby sessions.

Don’t worry if your baby isn’t due quite yet, as long as you book and pay a deposit before the 9th of April, we can schedule your session for a later date, Or alternatively why not buy the session as a gift voucher for yourself if you’re in the early stages of your pregnancy, or even buy one for a friend, a newborn photography session is a great gift for an expectant Mum to be ๐Ÿ™‚

We provide all the props and hats, and you are most welcome to bring along anything of your own you would like included in the photographs.

Book your session today and take advantage of this great Spring offer ๐Ÿ™‚

Call us on 07557 372389 or 07769 903017
or e-mail us at
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We look forward to meeting you and your new arrival soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Elis Huw

Its lovely when we meet new arrivals to families we have photographed before. You may remember Ifan from previous posts, we photographed him as a newborn baby, and again on his first birthday,ย and today we had the pleasure of meeting his new little brother Elis ๐Ÿ™‚

At just 13 days old Elis is gorgeous, and was so good for us, it was tough choosing just a few shots to show here! Thanks for a lovely morning, Sian and Llinos, and Elis of course, it was lovely to see you again. Can’t wait to show you the rest soon! ๐Ÿ™‚


Christmas is coming…

Like me, i’m sure most of you won’t even have thought about Christmas shopping just yet, but with the nights drawing in and the weather definitely getting colder this week, Winter is here and Christmas is really not that far away!
So, with that in mind just what are you going to get for those hard-to-buy-for family members?
Well, why not consider a photo session with us, a family portrait photograph makes a great lasting and personal gift.

You can pick any location, we’ll travel anywhere on Anglesey at no extra cost, or you can come to our small home studio and have your portrait taken in the warmth! November & December last year did give us some lovely sunny (if a little chilly) days and all the outdoor photos you see in this post were taken in Late November and December last year ๐Ÿ™‚

We can suggest some beautiful locations around the island that make lovely backdrops for your shoot, or you can pick somewhere that has special meaning to you, a beach, a park or even your own garden.

Get in touch today, even if you just want to ask for more details, there’s no obligation.
We can cater to everyone, families, groups, babies, children and newborns, and if you can’t find just what you want ask us and we will always do our best to help.ย We also do gift vouchers for sessions and prints which make great gifts.
For baby sessions we can also build your session around a theme!

We still have dates available in November & December, but they do book up fast so don’t delay! You can book sessions right up to December 18th and we guarantee your prints will be with you in time to wrap up for Christmas!* Book your session before November 5th and we’ll even give you 10% off the total of your order! (You don’t have to take the session by then, just make a booking for a session in October, November or December 2011)

So this Christmas why not surprise someone special with a lasting memory, a photograph speaks a thousand words and lasts a lifetime.

We look forward to seeing you soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Call us on 07557 372389 or 07769 903017

Find more details on prices here and sessions here

E-mail us at

Or fill in a contact form here and we’ll get back to you ๐Ÿ™‚

*All photo prints, keyrings, fridge magnets or CDs ordered by Wednesday 21st December will be delivered to you by Saturday 24th December. However please be aware adverse weather conditions or other situations out of our control may affect delivery. Other products such as mugs, canvases and jigsaws take longer and should be ordered before 5th December.

Alfie :)

This is Alfie. So cute and very alert. He was very patient with us, and seemed to like trying on all our hats! Here’s your sneak peek Hayleigh & Craig, thanks for a lovely morning, Alfie is gorgeous, look forward to seeing you both soon to show you the rest ๐Ÿ™‚


With photography today its getting increasingly harder to tell just how much an image has been manipulated, changed or ‘photoshopped’. As a general rule, we don’t do a great deal of ‘photoshopping’ to our portraits, maybe remove an odd blemish, or lighten up a photo if its a little dark, but nothing much more.

Sometimes, however, it can beย good to break out of the box and have a little play around to see what can be achieved with a bit of creativity in Photoshop…

From a subtle bit of ‘colour-popping’, where colour in an image is selectively removed, or added…

To adding vintage effects, textures and framing…

Through to the more obviously ‘tinkered-with’ images…

And images that have added elements…..if you look closely ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wiliam Huw, 10 days old :)

Introducing Wiliam Huw, 10 days old. What a real pleasure to photograph Wiliam today. He was so good, and put up with us posing him and generally moving him about with very little fuss!
So here’s a sneak peek for you Rhian & Arfon, thanks for a lovely afternoon, he’s gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚

Waves & Mist

Last weekend the winds were very strong, and when the tide was almost at its highest point I went down to Bull Bay to watch the waves. Whilst there I spotted this boat, and whilst watching it being buffetted about by the wind and waves, a gentleman joined me and we chatted a little about the fate of the boat and whether it would survive the rough seas. (he imparted some interesting information too, which unfortunately I couldn’t possibly share here!) Well we watched the boat for a good 20 minutes but eventually the wind died down, the tide slowly dropped and the boat was safe ๐Ÿ™‚

In complete contrast, this weekend was beautiful. Warm, dry and still. And after Sunday’s warmth and clear night, there was plenty of low-lying mist this morning sitting in the dips in the land. Here’s a few shots ๐Ÿ™‚

Why choose custom photography?

These days a decent camera is so much cheaper to buy and easier to use. Digital technology has made photography accessible to all and many people are finding they can take great pictures with no fuss and print them off cheaply. So with that in mind and with the current financial climate so poor, why would anyone pay good money for custom photographs?

When you book a photographer, you are not just paying to have a few images snapped, you are paying for experience, quality and time. Many people pale at the thought of paying out top dollar for a photography session, and that’s before you have paid for any prints from the session. So what exactly are you paying for?

Well any good photographer knows that in order to build a reputation, and produce top quality images, it takes time, investment and experience.

Professional camera equipment does not come cheap, camera bodies can run into thousands of pounds and thats before factoring in high quality lenses, which often cost more than the camera itself.
But why pay so much for a camera when a cheap compact can take good shots?
A cheap compact camera does not have the versatility of a professional grade SLR camera, which has the ability to take different lenses & filters, can shoot great images in low light, take long exposures, in fact has a whole host of settings that enable the photographer to achieve different effects to enhance the scene before him/her. On top of that is the megapixel difference. A pro-grade camera with a high megapixel count will enable the photographer to produce large prints with no loss of quality, and when you have an image you love, you want to see it large and show it off! Then there is the computer equipment needed to process and store such large photographic files, software to edit them and printers to print them. Your photographer will use high quality inks that won’t fade and photographic paper that will last a lifetime, will have spent hours finding the best combinations of these consumables that work to create the best prints. On top of all that, technology is advancing so fast that a good photographer will be constantly re-investing in equipment in order to keep up to date and produce the best quality images and prints possible.

Experience & Knowledge
Good equipment is a great start, but its nothing without knowledge. A good photographer knows that photography is forever evolving and changing, and will be up to date with latest styles, trends and technical aspects. A good photographer will have spent a long time learning all about photography, building a strong portfolio, gaining experience and mastering the equipment. They will constantly be researching, practising and trying new ideas and techniques in order to keep up to date and be the best they can be.

When you book a session with a photographer, consider how much time will be spent on your images. The photography session is only a tiny part of it. Add to that travelling, research, uploading images from camera to PC, processing, editing, proofing images to clients, printing, delivery and presentation, and suddenly you find that your 1 hour session has actually become 10 hours of work to get the images into your hands.

Creative Vision
When you book a photographer you are buying into their ‘style’, so it’s imperative you are familiar with their portfolio or website so you know what their work is like, and whether it is to your taste. Every photographer has their own vision, style and way of capturing an image, and editing it to their liking, and here is where you will benefit from hiring a custom photographer. Equipment can be bought, techniques can be learned, but having a great ‘eye’ for an image and the vision to produce great images time after time that are pleasing to look at whilst capturing happy memories for a lifetime is not something that can be taught. A good photographer will have this eye for a composition inbuilt, it will be second nature. They will see a great image where others will not. Capture a fleeting moment before it is gone.

The Personal Touch
A good custom photographer will make you feel relaxed and happy, which in turn will produce the most natural and pleasing images. In booking a session you are buying one on one time, no rush, no urgency, your photographer will want to be sure that you enjoy the session and look back on it as a great experience which resulted in fantastic photographs. You can be sure that your photographer cares as much about getting great images for you as you do and wants to produce photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Custom photography is not for all, it is definitely a luxury item. Many people book a session as a once in a lifetime treat, others will return year after year to capture their children as they grow up, or to capture birthdays, anniversaries or happy moments for future years.

In many ways custom photography can be likened to buying a car, all will get you from A to B, but how much nicer would it be to get to point B smoothly, reliably and efficiently, whilst luxuriating in soft leather in a climate controlled environment? Its these little touches that count, make an experience valuable, memorable and worthwhile.

So yes, a custom photography session may cost a little more, but consider the time, investment and effort that goes into creating the results, the care and thought that is involved in capturing those special moments.

After all,ย  your memories are priceless.