Maternity & Newborn

Your baby’s last few days safe inside, and the first few days after birth are ones that are filled with expectation, exhaustion & joy, days that fly past in a blur and become distant memories way too soon. We want you to be able to look back on those days, remember the blissful excitement of waiting for that arrival, the sheer joy of a new life, the wonder of tiny fingers and toes, wispy hair and soft skin.


How better than to capture those moments through photography. Pensans Photography can capture them for you.



A maternity session can take place at a location of your choice, or you can come to us. We encourage you to bring your partner along to get shots of the two of you during this special time. The session costs £30 and prints start from £6.00. If you also book a newborn session with us, we can offer you a maternity session free of charge 🙂



For the best results, newborn sessions should take place no later than 10 days after birth, ideally at around 6 days when your baby is still sleepy and curled up, these are the days in which newborn poses are easier to capture. After 2 weeks your baby wakes more easily, is more difficult to ‘pose’ and baby acne can flare up.

You come to our comfortable ‘home studio’ where everything will be set up ready for you, in a warm room with no distractions or people dropping by to visit you and your beautiful new arrival. 
We don’t set a time limit on the session, but allow up to 3 hours so that there is no time pressure if baby wakes, needs feeding, changing or comforting during the shoot. You can bring your own toys, scan photos and outfits to include in the shoot, but we also have a variety of props, hats and outfits you can choose to use.
 We ask that the parents stay close by at all times and are on hand to hold baby, or help positioning for different poses. For families that want to bring other children along for group photos with baby, you are more than welcome to do so, however we do ask that you keep siblings occupied during the shoot and away from the shooting area until needed, or perhaps to come along later during the session to allow us to get photos of your newborn with as few distractions as possible.
We understand that newborn sessions are difficult to book in advance, so if you wish to book us, just give us a due date and we will ensure we are available around that time. Then just let us know as soon as baby arrives so we can arrange a firm date for the session.

A newborn session costs just £100, which includes a £25 print credit.
Prints prices start from £6.00.

A Year in the Life

We know that the first year of your baby’s life is special, and your little one changes so much over those first twelve months. To document this special time we offer a ‘Year in the Life’ package. This includes a newborn shoot, one at 6 months and a cake-bash session when your baby is one. After your last session we will compile an 28×21″ hardbacked book with a selection of photographs from your sessions throughout the year .
The package costs £150 and you also have the option to add a maternity shoot to the package for just £15 extra.


We hope we have something to suit you and look forward to meeting
you and your baby soon 🙂


1 thought on “Maternity & Newborn

  1. I had both maternity and newborn shoots done with pensans and was very happy and impressed with the photo’s. The shoots themselves where very relaxing and wasnt pressured or felt uncomfertable at any time during them. would reccomend it to any pregnant lady , such a great keepsake xx

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