Something a little different…

Every now and then its good to take a break from what you have become accustomed to, and try something completely different. This type of photography couldn’t be further away from the portrait shots we normally post on here, but brings an entirely fascinating view of what can been seen when pushing the limits.

Each one of the following images has no photoshop trickery, no manipulation, is just what the camera captured in 1/20,000th of a second. Cameras can’t shoot fast enough to capture a moment that fleeting, so each image is photographed in darkness, using a high speed burst of light to freeze the movement. These images show what happens when water is dripped into a tray of still water, and 2 droplets collide and burst into the most beautiful and amazing patterns.

Adding some colour to the water can alter how it behaves a little, and adds some interest.

Different liquids have different densities and will behave in different ways when colliding with each other. If milk is dripped into water the patterns change. Drip milk into milk and they change again.

Adding some colourful backgrounds and experimenting with lighting adds another dimension again.

Place an image behind the droplets, and that image will be refracted into the droplet.

And finally, though its easy to see that no two shots will ever turn out the same, though the beauty and fun of this type of photography is the unexpected, sometimes the most bizarre shapes can appear that can never be recreated!

'Alien Queen'