Gorgeous Ava is 5 weeks old and very alert and intelligent. She was so good for us, totally chilled out and happy to pose for us. We had a lovely morning photographing her. Lovely to see you all again, Iola and Caitlyn, hope you like the photos x

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Gorgeous Elis is 7 months old and little brother of Ilan, who we followed through the first year of his life a few years ago. Elis was so chilled out, just taking everything in his stride and enjoying being centre of attention, while Ilan was the perfect big brother, making Elis smile on cue and looking after him like a big brother should. We had lots of fun with this pair and are looking forward to their next shoot in a few months’ time 🙂

IMG_0027                    IMG_085col3IMG_0840 IMG_0861


This is Nyfain, such an unusual and gorgeous name, very fitting for this beautiful girl. She was amazingly good for us as we moved her, and hardly made a sound. Cynan and Lliwen, her big brother and sister posed for us too and were so well behaved. It was a real pleasure to photograph the whole family.
Many thanks to you all for an fantastic shoot! See you soon x

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