Heledd & Deio

Our second shoot today was with gorgeous Heledd and Deio. Heledd is just 7 months old and Deio is 3, and its clear that he loves his little sister very much. There was plenty of cuddles and kisses for her. This pair were so cute and we loved photographing them both. Look forward to showing you the rest of the photos Sara and Gareth 🙂


Rachel & Family

We had two great shoots today, the first of which was Rachel and her family. Rachel is just few weeks from the end of her pregnancy and absolutely blooming. Was a real pleasure to photograph her with husband Huw and daughter Alaw 🙂

IMG_8311 IMG_8374col IMG_8125

Jessica & Aimee

Jessica and Aimee, beautiful girls, were both so well behaved and patient today for their shoot. Jessica is just one month old and Aimee is 5 and we loved photographing both of them. Jessica was alert and wanted to take in her surroundings but slept for us when it mattered, and Aimee took it all in her stride, filling in her colouring book like a pro whilst we photographed her gorgeous little sister.

Was lovely to meet you all today, hope you like the photos:)

IMG_8209 IMG_8247


We have been photographing cake bash sessions for a long time now, they are one of our favourite things to do and we never get tired of them! Every one is different but always full of fun!

Here is Daisy, almost 1 year old and stunning. Her eyes are so blue and she was so photogenic, it was a real pleasure to photograph her. We had lots of fun and we all got cake on us in the end!

Happy first birthday Daisy, hope you have a lovely day 🙂


Rhodri & Natalie

When we saw the forecast for Saturday, and heard all the rain pouring down on Friday night we really thought we were in for some wet and miserable weather for Rhodri and Natalie’s Wedding yesterday, but by 10am the sun was out, the wind had dropped and it was warming up nicely. To put it perfectly, Natalie told us she and her friend had been discussing the night before during all the rain that ‘The sun shines on the Righteous’!
This couple certainly deserved the sunshine on the big day. They both looked amazing and their love and respect for each other is obvious. Rhodri had secretly organised a horse drawn carriage to take Natalie to the church, such a sweet touch that had everyone’s eyes watering!
The whole day went perfectly and everyone looked amazing, not least the handsome Groom and stunning Bride in a totally gorgeous dress.
We absolutely loved being a part of this day and hope the photographs reflect just how special a day it was. 🙂pensans_photography_NR001 pensans_photography_NR002 pensans_photography_NR003 pensans_photography_NR004 pensans_photography_NR005 pensans_photography_NR006 pensans_photography_NR007 pensans_photography_NR008 pensans_photography_NR009 pensans_photography_NR010 pensans_photography_NR011 pensans_photography_NR012 pensans_photography_NR013 pensans_photography_NR014 pensans_photography_NR015 pensans_photography_NR016 pensans_photography_NR017 pensans_photography_NR018 pensans_photography_NR019