Richard & Carolyn

We have never heard so many guests at a Wedding comment on what a perfect day it was as we did at Richard and Carolyn’s wedding yesterday, and they weren’t wrong. The setting at Nant Gwrtheyrn couldn’t have been more beautiful and with still, warm weather we really couldn’t have asked for more.
Karen Moore of KLM Hair in Valley, and Charlotte Parry-Jones made Carolyn look every inch the beautiful bride, whilst I Do Wedding Hire made the reception room look amazing. Richard and his Best Man and Ushers all looked very handsome and the guests looked stunning. The flowers by Karen Jones and cake by Joanne Ellis were just the most amazing finishing details.

It’s hard to build a picture of this wedding in just a short blog piece, I don’t think any words would do it justice, but if we can just shamelessly take a note from the Best Man’s speech here and sum it up in three words, these would be the ones we would use….

Happily Ever After. 🙂

img001 img002 img003 img004 img006 img007 img008 img009 img010 img011

We normally let the photographs speak for themselves on these blogs, however this next image just needs a little explanation. Richard and Carolyn were brave enough to want to try this shot before their ceremony. Without wanting to break tradition and see each other, they put their trust in us 100% to get them each to this spot unseen so that they could have a quick holding of hands around the corner of the wall. It clearly meant a lot to them both to do this, as we noticed from the ‘white knuckle’ grip they had on each other. Just a truly beautiful moment, and we commend them on their willpower for not peeping at all! 🙂img012 img013 img014 img015 img016 img017 img018 img019 img020 img021

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