Elsi Wynne

This is Elsi Wynne, 13 days old and totally beautiful. She slept most of the way through her shoot even while we were moving her about, and when she was awake she was totally chilled. Her big brothers came along for some photographs as well and its easy to see that they are totally besotted with her too! Thank you all for a lovely afternoon, looking forward to showing you the rest of the photos. 🙂



We see some happy babies, but this handsome little man never stopped laughing and giggling the whole way through his shoot. Bob is 8 months old and so happy and contented, we can’t wait to see him again for his cake bash shoot at 1 year old.
Thank you John and Glenda, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing you all again 🙂

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Kiri & Liam

Kiri and Liam are one of the youngest couples whose wedding we have photographed, but you couldn’t meet a more sorted, stable and together pair. They tied the knot at St Eleth church in Amlwch on an overcast day that despite being breezy, stayed dry for us when it mattered.
Beth Owen and Abbi Jones of Utopia did a stunning job with make-up for the girls whilst Ashleigh Richmond made their hair look perfect. Vicky Butterflies worked her magic in the reception room at the Lastra Farm Hotel, who provided the wedding breakfast, and Acacia Flowers topped off the whole day with some beautiful flowers in pastel colours.
This was an emotional and beautiful day, all the guests looked wonderful, the bridesmaids looked gorgeous in some amazing dresses and the Bride and Groom, despite their initial nerves, looked fantastic and so happy together 🙂
Thank you for letting us be a part a part of your day Kiri and Liam. Hope you like the photographs x

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We’ve been looking forward to meeting this little man, and he definitely did not disappoint us today! Osian is just 2 months old but he was full of smiles and so chilled out. He has gorgeous eyes and was the perfect model for us, knowing exactly how to work the camera!
We loved meeting you Osian, thank you Delyth and Gareth, hope you like the photos 🙂

IMG_5056 IMG_5149 IMG_5189

Janet & John

Janet and John discovered Anglesey by mistake one day when travelling, and have been coming here ever since for holidays, so it was wonderful that they chose to get married here on Saturday. The day started with torrential rain and wind but as we got closer to their ceremony time, the sun came out and decided to show Janet, John and all their guests that had made the long journey over here just how beautiful this island is.
Janet looked stunning with make-up by Laura Willson and hair by Jo Warburton, and Vicky Butterflies did a stunning job decorating the room. The Lastra Farm Hotel did a great job of looking after everyone and providing a lovely Wedding breakfast and amazing buffet spread in the evening.
We really enjoyed this Wedding, it was simple, beautiful and full of sincerity and joy. We wish you both all the luck in the world together and look forward to showing you the rest of the photos soon xx

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Cai & Ava

This pair of cuties is Cai and Ava. Cai is 3 and Ava is 1 and both were so well behaved today. Cai is the perfect big brother, looking after Ava and giving her plenty of cuddles, its clear to see they are good friends and will have great fun growing up together. This pair are so photogenic it was hard to pick just a couple for here! Hope you like the photos Kelly, thanks for a lovely shoot 🙂



Meet Bobi. We are following him along through his first year of life and here he is at 6 months old. Full of character and personality and it won’t be long before this little man is crawling and i’m sure will be walking before we see him for his 1 year birthday bash. We had great fun with him today! Hope you like the photos Sue and Simon. look forward to showing you the rest soon 🙂

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