Jackson Kevin, just 12 days old, was the perfect little model for us. He slept almost the whole way though and wore the hats like a pro! This little boy is gorgeous and we could have photographed him all day, but sadly we had to give him back to Mum and Dad, Lynsey & Dave. Thanks for a lovely afternoon guys, hope you like the photos 🙂 xx

pensans_1 pensans_2 pensans_3


We’ve been waiting to meet this little man for a few weeks, and he didn’t disappoint! Oliver slept really well for us yesterday and even gave us a few smiles 🙂 This gorgeous boy is going to be a real heartbreaker when he’s older! Thank you so much Jill and Will for a lovely afternoon, once again it was a real pleasure photographing you all x



The Brassington Family

We couldn’t have asked for more well behaved little models than these two gorgeous girls today (and Mum and Dad were’t bad too!). Daisy and Lucy posed so beautifully for us with no fuss and did everything they were asked, as well as posing themselves their own wonderful way! We loved shooting you all this morning, thank you! Hope you like the photos 🙂

IMG_9810 IMG_9835



This is Phoebe Rose, she is just 3 weeks old. We started her ‘Year in the Life’ journey with her today, with parents Craig and Beth. She was amazingly good for us and and was so patient whilst we moved her about and flashed bright lights at her!
Thank you Craig and Beth for a lovely afternoon, hope you like the photos 🙂 x

IMG_9566 IMG_9619sep


Llinos, Adam, Jasmine & …

This gorgeous family are expecting a baby in just a few weeks. Llinos and Adam came to us along with their beautiful daughter, Jasmine to have some bump photos before the new baby arrives. They were so relaxed in front of the camera and we had a lovely afternoon with them all. Hope everything goes well for you, we look forward to seeing you all with the new baby soon. xx

IMG_9290 IMG_9347 IMG_9431IMG_9416