Finlay, 1 year old

We have been watching this little cutie grow up over the last year, from just a bump in his Mum’s tummy all the way to the handsome chappie he is now at one year old. We celebrated his first year of life with a cake bash with big brother Cameron, lots of fun, lots of mess and a lot of laughter!
Jenny, Einion, Cameron and Finlay, thank you for sharing a year with us, it’s been so lovely watching Finlay grow 🙂 xx

fin_pensans_01 fin_pensans_02 fin_pensans_03 fin_pensans_04 fin_pensans_05 fin_pensans_06


This is Lwsi, she will be one year old tomorrow. It’s safe to say she hasn’t had the easiest first year of life but she is the cutest, happiest and most content baby! She has big sisters Sophie and Katie and big brother Thomas looking after her, all of whom who she clearly adores 🙂

Was so much fun photographing Lwsi, thank you Zoe, Sophie, Thomas and Katie, hope you all like the photos 🙂 x

lwsi_pensans_01 lwsi_pensans_02 lwsi_pensans_03 lwsi_pensans_04 lwsi_pensans_05 lwsi_pensans_06 lwsi_pensans_07 lwsi_pensans_08


This is Grace, she is one year old on Monday and celebrated with us today with a big chocolate cake! We loved that she got stuck right in and showed us exactly how a birthday cake should be enjoyed! 🙂

Hope you have a fantastic birthday on Monday, Grace, was so lovely to meet you all x

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