Kerri & Gwyn

Hard to believe that of all the days of the week the weather would choose to smile on us, we would get lucky enough for it to be Kerri & Gwyn’s Wedding Day on Saturday.
After a week of dull, cloudy, rainy and cold weather, we were blessed
with blue skies and warm sun.
The atmosphere in Kerri’s house on the morning of her Wedding was so relaxed, she never stopped smiling and laughing, it was clear to see that she could not wait to marry Gwyn, and once she was in her dress the smile got even wider!
The whole day went without a hitch, Gwyn found his shoes (eventually), the classic cars all ran beautifully,  the sun shone and the guests all looked fantastic.
It was a real pleasure to be part of your day Kerri & Gwyn, thank you.
Hope you like the photographs x

Kerri&Gwyn01 Kerri&Gwyn02 Kerri&Gwyn03 Kerri&Gwyn04 Kerri&Gwyn05 Kerri&Gwyn06 Kerri&Gwyn07 Kerri&Gwyn08 Kerri&Gwyn09 Kerri&Gwyn10 Kerri&Gwyn11 Kerri&Gwyn12 Kerri&Gwyn13 Kerri&Gwyn14 Kerri&Gwyn15 Kerri&Gwyn16 Kerri&Gwyn17 Kerri&Gwyn18 Kerri&Gwyn19 Kerri&Gwyn20Kerri&Gwyn22

3 thoughts on “Kerri & Gwyn

  1. Lovely photos. Look forward to see them all. You were very good and friendly. Thank you very much. A truly fantastic day.

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