This is the beautiful Olivia. 12 days old, sweet, innocent and totally captivating. Along with her sister Lexie, these two are going to be a pair of heartbreakers when they are older!
Olivia was incredibly good for us, we think she gets it from Lexie, who was so well behaved, chatty and smiley and posed beautifully for us with the most gorgeous smiles.
Thank you for a lovely morning Carolyn & Richard, we really enjoyed meeting Olivia and photographing you all. See you soon xx




This is Sophie Mae, 17 days old and utterly beautiful. She slept like a dream for us while Mum and Dad, Anwen and James sat back and relaxed for a little while. Thank you for letting us photograph your gorgeous bundle of joy, hope you like the photographs, see you soon x




This little cheeky monkey is Jacob, 10 days old and absolutely gorgeous. We think he’s going to be a heartbreaker when he’s older, he’s so handsome! Mum and Dad, Lisa & Bryan brought him for a photoshoot today, and though he didn’t sleep much he was a little star and very patient with us moving him about 🙂
Thanks for a lovely afternoon guys, hope you like the photos, see you soon xx

IMG_3561IMG_2579IMG_2644 IMG_3575

The Rogers Family

We’ve said it before, but the old saying ‘never work with children or animals’ never seems to apply to us, we have been so lucky!

Today we met Catherine, Andy, Tristan and Evie, and what a lovely family. Tristan at just 9 months old was full of smiles and posed beautifully. Evie, Catherine & Andy’s 2 year old dog was just as well behaved, and so calm and patient with Tristan 🙂

It was so lovely to meet and photograph you all today, we really enjoyed the shoot and hope you like the photos xx


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Happy Birthday Theo! 1 year old today, and totally gorgeous 🙂 Those eyes, simply stunning. This is one little boy we could have photographed all evening, and happily not handed him back to Mum and Dad, Bethan & Neil! Was so much fun to meet you all today, thanks for a lovely evening, hope you like the photographs xx