Another starlight shot, this time at a small, but incredibly interesting building situated on Bull Bay Golf Course. Situated just off the 15th fairway, I was told this hut was once an old pumphouse, but it is now abandoned. This shot is looking south west, too much light pollution to see the Milky Way which would be running diagonally across the middle of the shot, but Orion and his belt are visible in the bottom half of the shot on the right 🙂
With thanks to all at Bull Bay Golf Course for the permission to shoot at this fantastic location 🙂



It’s been a beautiful Easter weekend, and the good weather is continuing this week. So much so that we took advantage of the clear nights and headed out to do some star photography. On Sunday night I popped over to a favourite spot, Melin Y Borth in Amlwch. This mill was built in 1816, and at the time was the tallest of all Anglesey’s windmills. It could grind 70 bushels of corn an hour.  Tragically, in 1867 William Jones , the son of the miller was working inside the mill when he was struck by lightning and killed. The mill stopped production in the early 1900’s.

millstarLast night, feeling a little more brave in a group of 3, we ventured over to a pair of Neolithic burial chambers near Bodedern. Presaddfed dates back to somewhere between 4000 and 2000BC, and was once a place for communal burials. The stone tombs would have been covered with a mound of earth and stones at the time. One chamber has now collapsed but the other is fairly well preserved. So much so that in the 1700’s a small family used the chamber as a dwelling, until they were evicted!

In this first image you can just make out a hint of the Milky Way running across the sky.

Presaddfed1If you look closely in the image below, almost touching the top of the right-hand side edge of the capstone you can see Comet Panstarrs which is clear in our skies in the north-west after sunset at the moment. The bright star above left of Panstarrs is Andromeda, a spiral galaxy approximately 2.5 million light years from Earth.