April Faves

This month has been mad! Very busy with lots of pregnancy & baby shoots, outdoor portraits, a Christening and preparing for our next wedding shoot next Saturday. Here’s a few favourite images from the last few weeks. Hope you all had a lovely April and enjoyed the run of good weather we’ve had lately 🙂

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Ela Haf

After a very busy week, we wanted to take a moment to look back to last Sunday when we photographed the Christening of Ela Haf. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and it almost felt like summer! The service was lovely and Ela Haf was so good, she took the whole thing in her stride. She is a beautiful little girl, thank you Barry & Amy for letting us capture Ela Haf’s Christening, all the best for the future 🙂

Finley Albert

After a lovely pregnancy shoot with Sami and Elise a few weeks back, we finally got to meet the gorgeous Finley today. He was so good and put up with us moving him around with very little complaint! Thank you for an enjoyable morning Sami, Llifon, Elise and Finley, hope you like the shots, looking forward to showing you the whole package very soon! 🙂


It was my privilege to meet Sara-Louise today for a portrait shoot in a beautiful location. The weather was great, the gardens looked gorgeous and Sara looked fantastic. This was one of my most enjoyable shoots recently, all the elements came together nicely and complimented each perfectly, and as a result we got some great shots. Hope you like them Sara, and big thanks to Mike for being ‘ReflectorBoy’ for the day 🙂 x


With photography today its getting increasingly harder to tell just how much an image has been manipulated, changed or ‘photoshopped’. As a general rule, we don’t do a great deal of ‘photoshopping’ to our portraits, maybe remove an odd blemish, or lighten up a photo if its a little dark, but nothing much more.

Sometimes, however, it can be good to break out of the box and have a little play around to see what can be achieved with a bit of creativity in Photoshop…

From a subtle bit of ‘colour-popping’, where colour in an image is selectively removed, or added…

To adding vintage effects, textures and framing…

Through to the more obviously ‘tinkered-with’ images…

And images that have added elements…..if you look closely 😉


Yesterday we met Kody, 13 days old. What a gorgeous little boy, he was so good for us, even if we did have a few…’mishaps’…along the way! Congratulations to you both, Sue & Holly, was so lovely to see you again Sue after so long, and thank you for letting us photograph Kody, hope you like the shots! 🙂