Wiliam Huw, 10 days old :)

Introducing Wiliam Huw, 10 days old. What a real pleasure to photograph Wiliam today. He was so good, and put up with us posing him and generally moving him about with very little fuss!
So here’s a sneak peek for you Rhian & Arfon, thanks for a lovely afternoon, he’s gorgeous! 🙂

Working with children.

We are in (i’m sure) a very rare position at the moment, in that we have the real pleasure of being able to say its great to work with kids! I will probably be speaking too soon, but in all the portrait shoots we have done with children, they have all been great fun, no tantrums, no moods and no refusals to look at the camera! (Cue a whole heap of trouble coming our way? :o)
Yesterday evening was no exception. It was our great pleasure to meet Amy and Liam who were tons of fun, had loads of energy and were happy to pose for us, in very windy and cold weather! So thank you Liam, Amy and Mair for continuing to make taking photographs a happy and thoroughly enjoyable task 🙂


Christmas is coming…..

Christmas is fast approaching, bringing the silly season of preparation and panic over what to buy for everyone, and how to find that perfect gift for the ‘hard-to-buy-for’.
Pensans Photography can take some of that worry away for you!
Book a portrait shoot and we will provide beautiful prints of your family or children that will make great gifts for parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, or any family member. We can make your photographs into mugs, keyrings, magnets, mousemats, canvas prints, framed prints up to A2 size (420mm x 590mm), mini albums, books and all sorts of other items.
Book now to ensure your chosen date is available 🙂

Waves & Mist

Last weekend the winds were very strong, and when the tide was almost at its highest point I went down to Bull Bay to watch the waves. Whilst there I spotted this boat, and whilst watching it being buffetted about by the wind and waves, a gentleman joined me and we chatted a little about the fate of the boat and whether it would survive the rough seas. (he imparted some interesting information too, which unfortunately I couldn’t possibly share here!) Well we watched the boat for a good 20 minutes but eventually the wind died down, the tide slowly dropped and the boat was safe 🙂

In complete contrast, this weekend was beautiful. Warm, dry and still. And after Sunday’s warmth and clear night, there was plenty of low-lying mist this morning sitting in the dips in the land. Here’s a few shots 🙂