Wylfa Fashion Show

This Friday 24th September, Wylfa Power Station in Cemaes Bay, Anglesey, is hosting a Fashion Show in the Sports and Social Club. Proceeds are in aid of Tyddyn Mon, an Anglesey farm which employs people with disabilities, and Ysgol y Bont, a special needs school also on Anglesey.
Tickets are ÂŖ5, available from the Wylfa Visitor Centre and on the door and you get a free cocktail on arrival! A bar is available and entertainment is provided and lots of local businesses will be there with products for sale. Pensans Photography will be there too with prints, magnets & keyrings for sale as well as portfolios of portraits to browse through and some great discount vouchers for portrait, maternity & newborn sessions. Doors open at 6.30pm, hope to see you there! 🙂

Rain, rain, rain.

Nothing but rain all this weekend, so no chance for any decent outdoor photography. So here’s a quick post of a shot from January this year. This was a 1 hour nighttime exposure of Penmon lighthouse. The Earth’s rotation during a long exposure like this shows in the trails that the stars make in the sky. Polaris, the North star is just out of shot top left and if you line up your camera to face it, all the other stars in the sky will appear to circle around it. The orange/pink colour in the sky is ambient light from streetlights in Llandudno and Anglesey.
Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂

Startrails over Penmon lighthouse.

Just for fun…

My dog Jake and I took a quick trip to the beach this evening, me for some windy weather photos, and Jake, well, just to get wet I think. Like most dogs he loves the sea and makes it his goal to get as wet as possible just before we leave for maximum car-seat soaking impact. Mission accomplished Jake! 🙂

Pure bouncing joy 🙂


Just for sheer comic expression 🙂

Introducing…Nancy Yvonne, 7 days old.

Today we finally got to meet the beautiful Nancy Yvonne. Just 7 days old 🙂 What a well-behaved baby! She slept almost the entire time and was the perfect model. Was a real pleasure to meet you Nancy 🙂


Rhosneigr Watersports

Yesterday morning started off very wet, and despite being all ready and loaded up to go and enjoy the Threshing day in Amlwch, we decided to give it a miss once we got there and saw how wet and muddy the field was.
Instead we decided to go and shoot some windy weather images, and the best place for that? Rhosneigr!
Here’s a few from yesterday…


This surfer couldn't find the right spot to get going!

Learning the ropes

A long shot of the kitesurfers across the bay


Dave Holdsworth – Woodturner

I just want to take a moment here to say a huge thank you to Dave Holdsworth, a very talented woodturner and good friend who is based in Penysarn, Anglesey. His work is absolutely beautiful, and tonight I went to collect a gorgeous bowl that he has made for me to use as a prop for future shoots.

You can see more of Dave’s fantastic work here…

Whilst I was there his wife Claire very generously offered me the loan of this beautiful chinese pail.

A big thank you to both of you, both items are gorgeous and I can’t wait to use them 🙂

Its going to be a busy one….

This coming weekend is going to be busy, but I am definitely looking forward to it!

On Saturday we are booked to have a stall in a ‘Threshing Day’ in Penrhyd, just outside Amlwch on Anglesey. Lots of vintage (and modern) farm machinery and demonstrations. We will have a selection of landscape and fine art photographs, magnets and keyrings for sale as well as portfolios of portrait work on display. Hopefully the weather will be nice and dry for it. Come and have a day out and say hello, gates open at 9.30am!

Last Sunday Nicola & Steve, whom we did a maternity shoot with a week ago, gave birth to a baby girl, Nancy Yvonne, Congratulations to you both 🙂 and this coming Sunday we get the privilege of taking some photographs of her. She will only be 7 days old, can’t wait to meet her, looking forward to getting some good shots for you 🙂

On top of all this I have to capture some images depicting the weather over the next few weeks. Here’s hoping for some windy/stormy (but dry!) evenings 🙂

High winds chasing the clouds through the skies at Dulas Bay

Thank you!

I went on a hunt for some good props today, and found some great ones, but one in particular, a lovely little vintage suitcase that wasn’t actually for sale. After wandering around looking for something similar and finding nothing I went back to the lady that had it on display for holding other items she had for sale, and after a short discussion she finally agreed to sell it to me 🙂
So thank you very much for agreeing to part with it, I truly appreciate it and it will be put to good use!

Why choose custom photography?

These days a decent camera is so much cheaper to buy and easier to use. Digital technology has made photography accessible to all and many people are finding they can take great pictures with no fuss and print them off cheaply. So with that in mind and with the current financial climate so poor, why would anyone pay good money for custom photographs?

When you book a photographer, you are not just paying to have a few images snapped, you are paying for experience, quality and time. Many people pale at the thought of paying out top dollar for a photography session, and that’s before you have paid for any prints from the session. So what exactly are you paying for?

Well any good photographer knows that in order to build a reputation, and produce top quality images, it takes time, investment and experience.

Professional camera equipment does not come cheap, camera bodies can run into thousands of pounds and thats before factoring in high quality lenses, which often cost more than the camera itself.
But why pay so much for a camera when a cheap compact can take good shots?
A cheap compact camera does not have the versatility of a professional grade SLR camera, which has the ability to take different lenses & filters, can shoot great images in low light, take long exposures, in fact has a whole host of settings that enable the photographer to achieve different effects to enhance the scene before him/her. On top of that is the megapixel difference. A pro-grade camera with a high megapixel count will enable the photographer to produce large prints with no loss of quality, and when you have an image you love, you want to see it large and show it off! Then there is the computer equipment needed to process and store such large photographic files, software to edit them and printers to print them. Your photographer will use high quality inks that won’t fade and photographic paper that will last a lifetime, will have spent hours finding the best combinations of these consumables that work to create the best prints. On top of all that, technology is advancing so fast that a good photographer will be constantly re-investing in equipment in order to keep up to date and produce the best quality images and prints possible.

Experience & Knowledge
Good equipment is a great start, but its nothing without knowledge. A good photographer knows that photography is forever evolving and changing, and will be up to date with latest styles, trends and technical aspects. A good photographer will have spent a long time learning all about photography, building a strong portfolio, gaining experience and mastering the equipment. They will constantly be researching, practising and trying new ideas and techniques in order to keep up to date and be the best they can be.

When you book a session with a photographer, consider how much time will be spent on your images. The photography session is only a tiny part of it. Add to that travelling, research, uploading images from camera to PC, processing, editing, proofing images to clients, printing, delivery and presentation, and suddenly you find that your 1 hour session has actually become 10 hours of work to get the images into your hands.

Creative Vision
When you book a photographer you are buying into their ‘style’, so it’s imperative you are familiar with their portfolio or website so you know what their work is like, and whether it is to your taste. Every photographer has their own vision, style and way of capturing an image, and editing it to their liking, and here is where you will benefit from hiring a custom photographer. Equipment can be bought, techniques can be learned, but having a great ‘eye’ for an image and the vision to produce great images time after time that are pleasing to look at whilst capturing happy memories for a lifetime is not something that can be taught. A good photographer will have this eye for a composition inbuilt, it will be second nature. They will see a great image where others will not. Capture a fleeting moment before it is gone.

The Personal Touch
A good custom photographer will make you feel relaxed and happy, which in turn will produce the most natural and pleasing images. In booking a session you are buying one on one time, no rush, no urgency, your photographer will want to be sure that you enjoy the session and look back on it as a great experience which resulted in fantastic photographs. You can be sure that your photographer cares as much about getting great images for you as you do and wants to produce photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Custom photography is not for all, it is definitely a luxury item. Many people book a session as a once in a lifetime treat, others will return year after year to capture their children as they grow up, or to capture birthdays, anniversaries or happy moments for future years.

In many ways custom photography can be likened to buying a car, all will get you from A to B, but how much nicer would it be to get to point B smoothly, reliably and efficiently, whilst luxuriating in soft leather in a climate controlled environment? Its these little touches that count, make an experience valuable, memorable and worthwhile.

So yes, a custom photography session may cost a little more, but consider the time, investment and effort that goes into creating the results, the care and thought that is involved in capturing those special moments.

After all,  your memories are priceless.