Nicola, Steve & Dafydd

This was the first time we have done a maternity shoot. Nicola brought husband Steve and 2 year old Dafydd with her and we got some lovely shots. Hope you liked them Nicola was a pleasure photographing you all 🙂

My favourite of the day

Giftwrapped 😉

Dafydd didn't want to keep still for long, but did lie down for a split second so I captured this one!

And then he got all shy!

Some favourite images from recent shoots

Here are just a few of our favourite shots to date, there’s many more than this of course but here’s just a selection…

Holly, beautiful girl and beautiful weather for the shoot

Emyr, bags of energy, and loved throwing stones at photographer Rob...oops I mean into the sea! 🙂

Lynsey, full of personality and fun to shoot!

Natalie, the wind caught her hair beautifully at just the right moment, what a gorgeous smile!


I am lucky that I have some great friends with very photogenic children! Last week Llio, her mother and I went down into the woods for a shoot. The evening light was awful, an overcast sky and threatening rain, we both ended up getting wet feet, I got a muddy backside (which Llio thought was hilarious!) but we came away with some great shots.

Thanks Llio and Emma 🙂

Llio has the most expressive eyes

The river bed was incredibly slippery, this was a rare moment we weren't both giggling whilst trying desperately not to slip!

The river was freezing but Llio didn't let it bother her!

First Maternity Shoot

On Saturday we had the pleasure of shooting Nicola, husband Steve and 2 and a half yr old Dafydd. Nicola had only 3 weeks to go before having her 4th child, and I wanted to capture the beautiful shape of pregnancy for her. Hopefully we can share some pictures here soon, but we want to show Nicola and her family first! Thanks everyone, it was great fun!